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Thank you for visiting our site.  We marvel at God's graciousness and goodness upon us at the AFM Church Pakistan. The social, physical and emotional needs of the community is still a large challenge for us. Our mandate is found in (Matthew 25:35).

     Our social development project is focusing its activities for the socio-economic development of poor and deprived segment of the Christian community in Pakistan .We are providing  financial support to poor and need people from our limited rescues for their education and equipping them through skills in order to earn reasonable wages to service in the society. 


      After graduating from Faith Convent Bible Collage Khanewal Pakistan. Pastor Emmanuel established ministry on 4-6-2004 in Pakistan and thank God He helped and guided him flourish ministry in Pakistan. AFM Pakistan is non–profit mission organization dedicated to bring hope and healing through its spiritual and social development ministries.


     Our spiritual ministry is involved in conducting prayer meeting arrange seminar and holding crusades for evangelistic and healing in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to unsaved people and those who caught in different diseases.


     Pastor Emmanuel is Missionary and ministering for Jesus as full time for the last several years, he has held more than 8 years experience as a Pastor in charge and having not many facilities to afford conflicts, spiritual finically and other life problems of the pitiable, oppressed, depressed and deprived people.


     Being a Pastor of religious leader, it is my duty and responsibility to do such kind of activities along with the gospel work for enlightening the future these communities in Pakistan. For this noble cause, we need the prayers help of Godly people those who help us in any of the projects to develop our Pakistani community to solve their problems.


 Ps. Emmanuel Sadiq.

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