Our Currently Projects

Current Projects     

·                      Working with the all denominations peoples in Pakistan.  

·                      Church planting in all cities and villages in Pakistan for new believers.

·                      Evangelistic and Healing Crusades in Pakistan.

·                      Sunday School Ministry.

·                      Adult Education Centres.

·                      Sewing Centres for the Women in all over Pakistan.

·                      Free Bible and Literature Distribution Ministry.

·                      Gifts Distribution Programme.

·                      Sport Programme Ministry in Villages.

·                      Gypsy Care Ministry in Multan.

·                      Translations books into Urdu Language.

·                      Economic assistance to poor and needy families.

·                      Distribution Emergency Relief.

·                      Outreach Ministry  (show Jesus Movie).

·                      Youth Stewardship Seminars.

·                      Free Education School in Rural areas in villages.  

·                      Helping to orphans and widows with food package.

Future Projects

·                      Health Centres in different areas of Pakistan.

·                      Technical Institute for the needy peoples.

·                      Computers Centres in Villages in South Punjab

·                      Old House for the men and Women in Multan.

·                      Build Orphanage Canter in Multan.

·                      Support to Pastors and blessed Motorcycles.

·                      We need Hice-Van for the Outreach Work.

·                      We need projector for the Jesus Movie for the villages area.





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